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    My first LC!

    I was a failed 80-series guy, turned 5th Gen. As fun as the 4R was, I had couldn’t be happy until I had a cruiser. Welcome!
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    Keyless fob not working on left side (driver side)

    5th Gen 4runners have a receiver in the driver’s side rear cargo compartment. When fridges are running, it causes interference with the receiver. Additionally, just proximity of fridges to that receiver, running or not, can cause interference. It’s easy to rule out before tearing panels open...
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    Keyless fob not working on left side (driver side)

    Are you running a refrigerator, by chance?
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    This is the pitch I’ve been singing. If the same trucks with the same wide hips are not falling off the mountain in front of us, there’s no reason to believe ours will be an exception to the rule. That, and the trail leaders are some of the most experienced with the 200s. After pleading the...
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    This is the situation I may find myself in. The wife isn’t too keen on the idea of BBP.
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    New SEQOIA TRD shocks for LC200? EDIT: I mean Seqoia

    As soon as the airbags went, I was hysterical! 🤣
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    For Sale @ High Desert Cruisers

    That's high quality parachute cord holding that tail light in! That's not cheap! My craigslist favorite: "I know what it's worth, so no low-ball offers!" -Everyone who expects more than it's worth
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    200 series picture thread

    That good ol' Appalachian mud!
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    200 Series Nickname Thread

    Miss Piggy. Find a trail, put her in 4LO and let the pig eat.
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    Wrapped the LC

    Another advantage is vinyl’s resilience to pin striping. There is a wrapped Tacoma running around town that has the 3M 1080 vinyl. I’ve seen it after a weekend of wheeling, and it looked gnarly. A week later, there was still a couple of the bigger stripes remaining, but they were lighter and...
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    Buying used 17 200 and recall

    That's good data!
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    Buying used 17 200 and recall

    I just bought a 2017 w/ 29k miles. The dealership didn’t want to sell it due to the recall, but they did want to take their chance and move the vehicle. They brought the price down, and raised the value on my trade. The dealerships are going to flex too much on the price. It’s more profitable...
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    Seat Covers that work with TV's

    My chief financial officer and I have discussed this a few time. She is adamant about the Costco seat covers by Coverking. The idea is, we would make a couple cuts in the neoprene, tuck the edges under, and the problem is solved.
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    We are registered, and have reservations at the Matterhorn. Unfortunately, we are planning on a Friday evening departure if the wife can’t get her Saturday shift covered. I look forward to meeting the 200 crew!
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    Overland trip: Arizona BDR 3/28/19 - 3/31/19

    Mal is on shift Saturday and Sunday. As good as the boy is, that would be a rough one for the both of us.
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