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    ARB Drawer Owners...... I Have Some Questions for You.

    @dukmon is correct. The holes are already visible. You will have to remove the third row seat anchors, and trim the carpet and padding back about an inch to make things easy.
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    Looking for roof rack advice.

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    200 series picture thread

    That is heartbreaking.
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    Looking for roof rack advice.

    Is there requirement in particular that leads you to believe you need an entire rack? Reason I ask, I was contemplating a full rack, but @tbisaacs dropped this solution on the table, and saved me a ton of money. The most I will carry is two kayaks on the roof. We are not doing an RTT, and...
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    nothing lasts, especially windshields!

    Here in Albuquerque, DOT uses sand aggregate for icy roads. I don’t know how they filter the stuff because it seems much closer to gravel than sand. At least a couple times a year I have had too have chipped glass fixed. It hasn’t been as bad since I switched to Toyotas a couple years ago...
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    Sound During Hard Turn - Differential?

    I was exiting a parking garage on Wednesday, and LC was doing something similar to what you’re describing. I assessed it to be a combination of scrub radius and articulation. Once I was out of the garage and on wet pavement, I could not replicate the sound.
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    Events/Trails Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind Sat April 20th 9 am

    I can loan you two. We’ll see everyone on Saturday.
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    Leaking windshield?

    Also check the moonroof drain holes. Those can cause interior leaking as well.
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    Double post.
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    Events/Trails LCDC 2019 - 5th Anniversary

    4J+1+1 is the one our club frequents. It’s a hit, but they book really early. Disregard the scratch notes from days gone by...
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    Has anyone used a Auto/Truck Transport Company? What was your experience?

    Summit Auto Transport seems to a reliable source. They ship a lot of cruisers. I think they can be found on MUDship. Their rates are reasonable. Based on Mud member feedback their feedback, I may be using them this summer.
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    Rear bumper replacement

    The Slee bumper does retain all the factory safety features, and they can relocate the camera so it is not obstructed by the tire and ladder.
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    Rear bumper replacement

    You might give @sleeoffroad a call. I just had their rear installed on my ‘17, and I don’t think there were any significant changes for ‘18+. Its not the cheapest available, but the fit and finish is top shelf.
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    Slee Offroad Shipping Opportunity

    I’m loaded up and headed home!
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    200 series picture thread

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