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    craigslist  Texas: 1983 FJ60

    Here's a link to a local FJ60.
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    craigslist  Killeen, Texas 1983 FJ60

    $14K OBO
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    For Sale  2F radiator fan, clutch and water pump.

    Came out of a 1983 fj60 in good working condition. $150.00 OBO plus shipping. Thanks!
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    For Sale  2F radiator cooling fan, clutch and water pump assembly

    Came out of a 1983 fj60. Fully operational when removed. No known issues. Asking $150.00 for everything OBO plus the cost of shipping. Thanks!
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    For Sale  Fj60 instrument cluster

    Not damaged and in working order. $100.00 OBO. Thanks.
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    For Sale  Toyota zipper Canvas Tool Bag w/tools

    Original canvas zipper tool bag. Some of the original tools, missing a few. Good overall condition. $100.00 OBO plus shipping.
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    For Sale 2F valve cover.

    Here's another better picture, it didn't attach when I posted originally.
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    For Sale  2F valve cover.

    Good condition, no cap. $75.00. Thanks.
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    Parting Out  Leftover FJ60/2F parts

    If you see anything you may want send me a PM with an offer. Will gladly mail out. Thanks. Additionally I have a 2F valve cover, Fj60 instrument cluster and a 2F distributer boot. Thanks again.
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    craigslist  Bin full of Fj60 parts leftover from rebuild.

    Hello all, I'm linking to my CL ad. Like the title states I'm selling a huge bin full of parts and a transmission/transfer case that was in perfect working condition when removed quite a while ago from a 1983 Fj60 rebuild. All parts have been inside my garage in the bin ever since. I don't...
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    New 60 carpet for sale! JUNE 1, 2018 UPDATE

    i'm pretty late to this party but how much is this whole carpet set???
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    Can anyone identify this part manufacturer?

    My de-smogged fj60s eliminator pulley/bracket is totally destroyed. I would like to replace using the same style but don't know where to locate one? I know there are many other options out there, but I would like to stick with this style if possible. Anyone know who made/makes this part?? Or any...
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    100 dollar awning

    Yup on top with the nylon material the poles do not touch the roof. The stretchy straps attach to the wheel well perfectly
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    100 dollar awning

    The quality is OK not high end stuff. It's fairly heavy with pretty decent poles. But it packs up will stay in the back of my cruiser from now on. Sets up in just a few minutes with no help needed.
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