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    For Sale Marietta GA: black best top for Fj40

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    For Sale  Marietta GA: black best top for Fj40

    Used besttop for sale. Asking $475(+shipping) for it. Purchased by PO and has been in my closet since. I put it on the 40 once to make sure all parts were there. Comes with all parts seen in the pictures EXCEPT the front rail that sits on the windshield (need that for the bikini top).
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    Carb Question

    I will get you a real answer later today, I did snap a picture in passing -
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    Carb Question
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    Carb Question

    Mrjordan, I am running a 32/36 on my rig with no issues. I have a 74’ 40 with an F1.5. I followed the setup procedures on redlines website and it took a while but I finally dialed it in. I also had to go up a jet size on the idle jet (which accounts for around 80% of your performance for that...
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    64 found, what's it worth?

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    Builds 1964-1984 FJ40 - "I got it one piece at a time..."

    If you have dimensions I can model them for those with printers.
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    3d printed dome light replica made from some spare parts that were lying around.. and went with green for the moment because why not!
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    For Sale FJ 40 parts Virginia Beach VA

    If ted passes on the carb I am interested
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    Can someone measure the dome light for me?

    @JohnnyC FJ40 Radio Blockout Plate by atltj just uploaded this if it ever helps.
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    Can someone measure the dome light for me?

    Can somebody measure the interior dome light on the driver side B pillar and post some dimensions up? Since I have an abundance of time right now I’m trying to 3-D print a replica and need some specs on it. I’ve searched around and haven’t found any length width height or any details you could...
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    Fuel pump ID

    Thank you
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    Fuel pump ID

    Dumb question, can I get some help IDing my fuel pump. I am running a 1974F 1.5 and the picture below is the current fuel pump that is installed which looks nothing like the fuel pumps on cruiser corps that should be installed for this year. Did the design change or am I running something...
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    SOLD 1974 Complete F.5 Motor only

    Is this still active? Have not gotten a reply.
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    How many FJ40s are represented by MUD?

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