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    Build: 74' FJ 40 (F.5)

    Still need to weld the bottoms, but needed to do a quick dry fit to mark progress
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    1972 FJ40 Doors- Refurb

    can you post a link to the thread about taking apart the door? I have not been able to find it through searching
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    Build: 74' FJ 40 (F.5)

    Had some time to start cutting door number 2, finished tacking the top plate on door number 1, and started picking parts from door handles to make two working ones
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    For Sale Fj40 Center console

    I have one that came out of a 74 if that’s the same type
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    '74 1f alternator pulley alignment

    I have a 74 with the F.5. because of an after market power steering setup I had the same type of alignmet issue. I ended up using a 2f alternator mount on the passenger side and then bought a used 2F alternator and swapped the housing with the 1F alternator so all the mounting hardware and...
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    Build: 74' FJ 40 (F.5)

    For those who have done sheet metal repair- the bottom of the inner door is still pretty stout. Would you use a break and just bend a long angled piece to plug weld between the bottom of the outer shell and the inner door or is there a better way short of cutting off the bottom and getting a...
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    Build: 74' FJ 40 (F.5)

    Had a few minutes to start working on the summer doors. Cut my angle and the started removing the rot from the bottom.
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    For Sale Marietta GA ; 3D printed magnetic radio blank plates

    Just mailed out another batch, upgraded my printer so my finish has gotten better!
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    For Sale Marietta GA : pre 75 door glass

    $20 each!
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    For Sale Atlanta: early style door uppers

    $40 OBO!
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    1974 FJ40 Landcruiser fuel filter

    FWIW- the clear style is not oem, but will help you identify gas tank issues and sediment related issues much easier
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    For Sale FJ40/45 Parts For Sale SoCal

    Email sent for 2 inner and outer old style door handles
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    For Sale Marietta GA ; 3D printed magnetic radio blank plates

    Just received a flood of PMs, will fire up the printer and start getting back to you shortly
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    Any interest in an aftermarket radio blockoff plate

    Shameless plug here : For Sale - Marietta GA ; 3D printed magnetic radio blank plates -
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