WTB: Taco Xtra or Double Cab 4x4 (1 Viewer)

Oct 20, 2008
Wichita, KS
Anyone know someone in the area that's selling a nice truck?

Like the title says, I'm looking for a Tacoma Xtra or Double cab 4x4. Must be rust free, very clean, well maintained, no major damage or stories. Condition is more important than mileage. Automatic or manual transmission, 4 cylinder or 6, required options are cruise, A/C, and electronic rear locking differential. Mild mods are ok, just don't expect me to pay retail for them.;) Willing to travel, but it needs to be within one day's drive of Wichita, KS. Price range is about $10k cash max.

If you have something of interest PM or email me at jessup3 at cox.net, I'll be looking for pictures and maintenance/repair history.
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