Wanted WTB or borrow one stock FJ40 wheel

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Oct 5, 2007
Northern Virginia
United States
I am looking to buy or borrow a stock Fj40 wheel. I just need one for some test fitting before i buy my 16" rims from Stockton whee (15" wheels will be fine for the test fitment)l I need to confirm the stock back spacing will fit my project.
I will pay for shipping if i have to. In the Northern VA area.

I've got one for drum brakes. I believe the only difference than disc set up is that it is rivited and not welded. The rivits hit the calipers if you spin the wheel. It may work for what you are doing, you can have it.

You might want to look up mr manny's thread on 16" wheels. After seeing his, I went 16" wheels, 3-1/8" backspace for disk brakes, all around for '72 Fj40. While yet just a rolling frame, fit is perfect!
I have one in Herndon you can borrow. You can buy it but I owe Cruiserparts.net 45.00 for it.

PM me

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