WTB: LX450 or 80 series Gasser

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Jun 27, 2007
Peachland, BC
Hey all,

I've the got the itch to change my ride and build me a LHD gasser. I am looking for a low mileage truck with lockers. I'm fussy so it has to be in as good as condition as my 73 series, or can be taken there without too much effort.

Condition is more important than lockers as they can always be added. I may consider partial trades for my HZJ73 but I'm not quite ready to put it up for sale.

If you come across one please send my way.



I'll check it out
Pricey and the Lexus dealer suggested that it has cooling issues.

I've been on the hunt for about a month. Dented, not taken care off, wheeled hard is pretty common.

I am looking to purchase a close to stock locked LX 450 or 80 Series truck under 150K miles. 1993 and onwards.

I am interested in a truck that has been only lightly wheeled but would prefer a well serviced mall queen. I have my own build plans.

I live in BC and I'm willing to travel in a 1000 mile radius.

I interested only in a truck with a good service history and is rust free and excellent paint. Leather can be distressed but carpet and dash must be good.


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If you can't find anything I can contact a Mud member in Phoenix.
I'm interested Glenn,

Its been a difficult to find decent. My choice have been:

  1. Snowbank and popped flares
  2. Big dent from "hit and run"
  3. Zero Maintenance and not even washed
  4. nice truck but 30k mile mistake from the ad to in person
  5. Nothing wrong with this one except the paint burn
  6. Okay truck but shipping costs were astronomical

Forgot the evaporated coolant one ( it sat for a while.... Geeze I believe that)

I'd drive back from Phoenix. It would be a great trip
Very cool thread.

Thanks for that!

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