WTB car hauler

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United States
I am looking for a 16' dovetail car hauler. Prefer close to MS. PM me if you have something.

my grandad has a car hauler parked behind his shed, bought it with his RV 3 years ago but bought a tow bar to use instead i just sent him an e-mail asking what size it is, (im more writing this so ill be able to find this post again) ill let you know what he says ASAP
Thanks anyway!
Trailer..... you NEED a Orion:meh:

Oh well shameless bump:flipoff2:
No need for an Orion If'n I can't get it there! Tired of borrowing Paw in Laws trailer. Always having to put lights back on it and fixin' tires! You know what I mean.

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Found one right down the street! Man, they aren't giving trailers away anymore! Better have your wallet ready if your lookin'


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