Wanted WTB 80-series Tool kit

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Jan 30, 2007
Chula Vista, CA
Went to check my spare on my new (for me) 95 LC.

Apparently the PO replaced the factory tool kit with some generic bottle jack and 4 socket tire iron. It's missing the crank thingy so I can't lower the spare.

Looking to get a replacement (on the cheap). Decent condition or better. Prefer So. California (I'm in San Diego), but if the price is right anywhere is fine.

Help a brother out.


Found the tools to lower the spare from Doc. Still need a jack and tire iron. (Will take complete kit also).
Just FYI the crank thingy to lower your spare is exactly the same as the ones for the mini-trucks and 4Runners. They are a dime a dozen at any import recycler.

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