won't shift into 2hi

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Oct 24, 2005
transfercase won't shift into two hi and noticed that the drive shaft doesne't even turn whilt in 4hi locked or unlocked hubs.Does this mean ther's somethng wrong with my case in the inside. I'm getting preety frustrated But this is the first problem since I owned for the past 12 years beside usual tune up. Anyone have a spare hanging around collecting dust would rather just swap right out then rebuild if that's the case. It's 77fj40 350,stock tranny and case. I live in western mass if there's anyone that can help me on this.
Something wrong with the case? Perhaps....but not likely.

I would inspect the linkage and make sure it is moving and connected as it is supposed to be.

If you have the case in 2wd, and lockouts locked in, your front shaft should rotate while moving, and not rotate while sitting stationary(if you try and move it by hand)....if this is not the case, your lockouts need attention.

Good luck!


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