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Apr 26, 2009
Southeastern NM
My LX came with the factory "Touring Package", and in my quest to try and figure out where the trailer wiring harness connects with the rest of the electrical system, I ran across these puzzling (to me) finds:

This is under the hood, PS, up near the firewall. What is supposed to connect here?

...and these, inside the plastic panel located on the passenger side. What is that green thing? should the 3-wire connector be plugged into it? ...and what is that wiring harness on the right hand side, not plugged in to anything?

Wow, I thought there would've been some answers by now... anybody?

what's the "touring" package?

there are a number of odd miscellaneous bits that just hang around. the 80 series comes with different options in different parts of the world. I suspect that they simply make 1 generic wiring harness for all models.
It could be the JDM fridge, it could be the aux gas tank, could be all sorts of things.
The Touring Package on the LX450 (according to the supplement I found in my glovebox) was basically a factory towing package. The OEM trailer wiring setup is cracked and frayed, and as far as I can tell needs to be removed... instead of cutting it off where it disappears into the PS wheel well, I would like to find where it plugs in to rest of the wiring.

Can anybody tell me what the plastic green square thingy is in the second picture? the 3-wire plug just to the right of it fits, but I have no idea what it is or why its unplugged. It is located behind the plastic panel that is found next to where your right foot would be if you were sitting in the passenger seat.

I searched and found that the 96-97 LX was shipped with the wiring in place for rear lockers even if the option wasnt installed in the vehicle. Are any of these ununsed plugs I've found part of that setup?
IIRC, the wiring harness connects inside the rear cargo area -- just follow the wires through the wheel well and up into the cargo area.

you know...a LX 450 electrical FSM would likely provide the details you want...
I'm thinking the green box may be the Diff Lock ECU according to the EWD. So by the looks of it you don't have lockers.
I have worked on a lot of Japanese vehicles from Honda, to Nissan to Toyota. They all have a tendency to have unused plugs in the wiring harness. It might be useful for some obscure option, or more likely for a left-hand drive or other thing that you have no use for. Unless you are looking to hook up some obscure option, or you are looking for trouble, you should ignore it.

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