Wiring Challenge – Requesting Assistance

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Oct 24, 2015
Clarksville, TN 37043
I’m restoring a 79 FJ40 with Federal Emission.

When I purchased the FJ40 it was missing the catalytic converter, the exhaust gas temperature probe that is inserted into the catalytic converter and the connector to the probe on the wiring harness side.

I purchased a used probe but one wire on the probe is BLACK and the second wire is WHITE. The wires from my wiring harness, which match the Toyota wiring diagram, are Green/White and Green/Orange.

My wiring diagram shows the Green/White wire from the harness going to terminal #3 on the Emission Control Computer and the Green/Orange wire going to terminal #5.

When I install the replacement connector on the wiring harness which wire Green/White or Green/Orange should I match to the BLACK wire on the probe?

What will happen to the Emission Control Computer if the wires from the temperature probe are reversed?

FYI – The FJ40 is undergoing a frame off restoration. I’m in the process a servicing the wiring harnesses in preparation for the day when I can reinstall them.


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