Wiper motor rebuild?

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Aug 16, 2005
Fresno, CA
Does anybody make a wiper motor rebuild for a 70FJ. Just don't want to spend the time at the local electric motor shop to find all the parts. After wiring my cruiser the wipers aren't working, yes i tested the circuits they aren't working though. If i have to i will go the the electric shop but i need my wipers to work for my inspection on the 23rd
Post up in the "wanted" section for a wiper motor...

I have not ever heard of a "rebuild kit" for the wiper motor on a 40 series...

If you have an electrical shop around you that has offered to go through your motor, I would have them do it, provided you can get it done by your deadline...otherwise, change your inspection date or find someone with a good used one...I am certian that there is someone out here that has a good one....

Good luck!

Just take the thing apart and clean it really well. Also check the wiring. This was my problem. Went to try the wipers, and nothing worked. Cleaned up the "contact" points and brushes in the motor and cut off the factory wiring connector just off the motor and rewired it myself, works great. Good luck.
i'll try to clean it all up tonight, the wiring isn't a problem switch is providing power all the way to the motor so it's internal. Hopefully it works
I took mine all apart a few years ago and cleaned it all out. Mine had totally quit, and after cleaning it all and putting it back together it's been working fine. The grease that was in it was like glue.
mine was giving me grief a few months ago, the slow mode didn't work, only the fast mode, took it apart, got all the old grease outta there and put in some new grease, been working fine ever since.

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