Windshield washer problem 94 FZJ 80

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Jul 6, 2013
Sorry if this is redundant, but I tried finding answers prior to posting.
My windshield washer quit working so I purchased and installed a new pump (fits on the washer fluid tank). I tested it after install and there seems to be some sort of relay on the drivers side that is leaking. I can't find the part in my Chiltons or any search engines.
Does anyone have a part # or name? Thanks!
I think your talking about the diverter valve that also sends water to the rear washer. I replaced mine because whenever I would wash the front window water would trickle out the back one too. HTH
BTW. Welcome to MUD :flipoff2:
part No. 85321-60050
Thanks to all !!!!! I will order that part today and hopefully have a clean windshield from now on!

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