Windshield Maintenance

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Dec 29, 2012
Marietta GA
I am getting ready to replace my cracked windshield on my 1996 LC and even though it is a southern car I found a small amount of corrosion in one spot! I ground it down treated it and then painted the entire frame area. These trucks are all suspect for this so always watch for early signs. There were no signs for me, just replacing because of a crack and I am glad that I am doing it myself because a normal glass man would have most likely just covered it up.

It was a PPG replacement one that I removed, my other 1996 LC has the original windshield with the vin etched in the glass. Unfortunately that windshield has a crack also…. Sucks, but it is not in the drivers view so I have left it for years…..
Windshields are very difficult to get for some reason right now, so not sure where you would get a new one if you had to. I tried three glass companies in Atlanta last week and am installing a good used one with a new Toyota rubber.

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