Windsheild knobs

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Feb 5, 2008
Carlstadt New Jersey
I noticed that one of my windsheild knobs have been installed on the wrong angle. I managed to back it out and it looks like there is not much damage to the threads. I also looked on the search and found out that you need to lower the windsheild frame to remove the dash. I can't see the bracket behind the dash, I can see (2) bolts that bolt a bracket to the windsheild frame, and a pipe sleeve. My question is what part of the bracket is threaded? I would like to run a tap thru the thread and a die over the bolt. Does the point on the bolt have anything to do with securing the windsheild or just to guide it thru the brackets?

The point is just a guide of sorts. There is a nut welded to the center of the bracket. It is 8x1.25 thread pitch. There are two 6mm bots that secure the bracket to the dash that are behind the dash pad. I would try and run a tap through it first as you stated, as removing the dash pad and not folding the windshield frame down will result in damaging the dash pad assembly.

Thanks for the info. I read some post were people said they removed the dash without lowering the windsheild frame, but I don't want to ruin the dash. I'll just try and run the tap for now. Since my dash has a dash cover from previous owner, will I have a dash light over my choke/heater knobs on a 1977.

Thanks Dave
There should be a light on the original dash. I installed a cover on my 77 and had to cut the hole for the light.

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