Winch solenoid just clicking, what am I doing wrong? (2 Viewers)

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Feb 9, 2005
I presented my problem in a previous thread, but I think the problem is a general one, so maybe more people will voice their opinion now:

Finally installed my winch motor after taking it apart and cleaning it. The winch USED to work fine on my 40 8 yrs ago, but swapped it over to my 55, and am JUST NOW hooking it up.

All I get is a rapid clicking out of the solenoid.

In my first thread I resolved to get a real Warn solenoid, but I think the problem lies elsewhere, since I get the clicking using a new, out-of-the-box Ford solenoid, and also using the old solenoid I used when it was mounted on the 40.

Sounds just like a starter motor when it goes bad, when all you hear is the clicking from the solenoid.

The voltage at the IN post of the solenoid measures 12V+, but when I hit the switch, it measures about 3V at the OUT post, and also at the winch motor. Massive voltage drop. Once, and only once, the winch motor moved momentarily, then just clicking from the solenoid.

So WTF??!! I can't believe that 2 solenoids are bad, I suppose the next check is to use jumper cables from the battery to the winch motor to eliminate the solenoid and see if the motor works at least, but what the heck am I missing at the solenoid?
"All I get is a rapid clicking out of the solenoid."

To me, I think you are not getting enough voltage to keep the solenoid engaged. I would check the power supplying the control circuit. If it is just a rapid clicking, it's tiring to pull in but doesn't have enough power to hold it in.

If it “clicks” , holds in and your motor doesn’t run, I would check the ground system from the winch to the battery/frame ground. May as well check both the positive and negative side. Have you tried to just jumper the winch motor to the battery with jumper cable?

Jerry D.
I was able to first get the solenoid(s) to cycle "on", but now either one just clicks. Your assessment of low voltage thru the control circuit sounds like it has merit, but then what about the voltage drop across the big power leads when it DID stay engaged?

I'm going to jump right from the battery to see if the motor actually spins, and if it does, pull my hair out and start all over again with the solenoid connections.

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