Winch Oil?

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Feb 2, 2007
Edmonton AB
Can someone please tell me what kind of oil is used in the factory winch of an HDJ81? I've searched the forums but I couldn't find anything. It is the 8000lbs model if that helps any. Also the stuff that poured out was Red in color.

Presuming this is a OEM electric winch, not the PTO version, the FSM states -

Auto transmission fluid

ATF type F
0.9L (0.95 us qts, 0.79 imp.qts)
I pulled the plug and it looks like more than 0.9L of fluid came out. I found the tag on the winch and it is a Denso 101800-0231 or the Toyota number is 38600-60050. I couldn't find any info on these numbers online can someone please point me in the right direction?

38600-60050 on the EPC brings up 'Motor Assy W/Magnet Switch, Winch' for the OEM electric winch fitted to all models of the 80 series.

As for the synthetic, i cant see it being a problem, but maybe someone else will chime in who knows for sure :hmm:
Sorry Snail, you were right all along. I poured the old fluid into a jug and it was 900ml. Now to get me some good Synthetic Type F AFT fluid! Good thing I'm a preferred Amsoil customer! I got the winch all cleaned up with new paint and ready to get put back together! I should have taken pictures as I did this little jobber but now the free lock and lock moves freely from one to the other where before I had to use the remote to spool out the winch.

Oh and if anyone needs to replace the female plug for the Toyota Factory remote I was able to get an Anphenol 97 series plug and it fits beautifully to the remote control however you will have to buy a new housing which is dirt cheap. Part number for the female plug is 97-14s-6s then just ask the parts person to get the guts for it too. I will post a pic of the 2 units side by side for tommorow.

My first rebuild project is the same winch. Opened the drain plug gear side and got only a cup of oily water out-bad sign. The gears were in ok shape with a bit of rust on some. Cleaned up ok -wire brush, emery cloth and lots of varsol. Will need a new gasket and o ring set.

Got it mostly apart, but can't get the cable drum separated from the gear housing. Is there a trick to it?
I have no idea how that gear box comes away from the drum. Instead of the paper gasket I just used RTV gasket maker and ran a nice small bead around the cap, I only put it on about finger tight then let the RTV set for one hour then tightened all the bolts. I picked up some amsoil super shift the other day which is rated for TYPE F transmissions.
Well considering that the winch just a motor and some gears, I would use gear oil. 95W100

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