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Jan 2, 2005
CouleeDamWA, BoiseID
whats the widest tires you can fit on a 16" split rim? I keep finding good deals on tires but they all seem to be to wide.
You list 4 different rigs. What's it going on and how is your turning radius on it?
I have a set of Toyota LC 16" split rims. They are on my 1977 FJ55 with 285/85R16's. I have been seeking a good bargin on tires and seem to always find a set for a good price that may be to wide for the factory 16" splitties. thats my reason for asking the question... I asked in hopes that someone with more knowledge then myself (when it comes to the split rims), as well as knowledge of FJ55's, could give me an answer.
could'nt get a 2nd hand set of one peice rims?
People have mounted 38.5" x 11" Boggers on OEM, but I would think that's the max. I see Q78's (36x10.5) mounted on them pretty often in the web wheelin' world.
I don't have any issues with my 33x10.5 tires on my stockers (5.5" wide).

I believe 16" wheels are 6" wide...so I would say 11" max.

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