Who has an OME lift on their 3rd Gen 4runner?

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Jul 23, 2006
Home of the JSF
Please tell me about it. How does it ride? Any mods needed to fit the "smallest" lift coil springs (I thinks that's the 2.5")? Where did you buy it from.....where do you suggest buying from......best price, etc?

Thanks guys:)
I've been running the sc shocks for years and they ride really nice. I use trd tundra springs instead. They will give about 2". I use a spacer as well and fj80s in back so I can't comment on the one springs.

I'd recommend a 1" diff drop too to reduce cv vib.
I am running the OME 2.5 lift on my 2000 4rnr. No mods needed just install and go.

handling is 100% better than stock, although it does ride a little rougher!
I have one. I have had it for a while, and done everything I could to test it out, it rides really nice on the road (well, as nice as you can expect, but better than any other lifted truck I've been in)

I have the N86, and N91s shocks, I got them from TRDparts4u for like 720 shipped with the coils, I use the 891 coils, and the 883's. I've considered getting the 890's as I think the ride would be much nicer. That or a rear bumper to weight it down a bit :D

No mods were needed to fit, a pretty straight forward install really.
Toytec lifts in Colorado sells OME, and Doug is very experienced with 3rd gen 4Runners. I'd recommend those guys.

Otherwise, pretty much any outfitter that sells OME can get you what you want: cruiseroutfitters, slee, trdparts4u, etc.
I'll second the Toytech recommendation. They do (did) hava a sub 2" OME that doesn't require any additional mods. Shocks & and springs all the way around. You can even order the fronts pre-assembled (well worht the extra $100-$150, what ever). I believe it was under $1k shipped. Installed my myself in under 5 hours.

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