which spark plugs?

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Apr 19, 2006
San Antonio, Tx
i just got my freshly rebuilt f motor back into my fj40 and when i went to napa to purchase spark plugs the guy told me and showed me two different spark plugs. one had a shorter end than the other. how can i tell which spark plugs i need?
I've got champions in my forty and NGK in my pig.
dfmorse cover it, you should be good.
good luck
The reason he showed you two different plugs is because the older F135 engines require a shorter plug than the later F145, F155 and 2F engines.

It really helps to tell us what engine, etc you have when you ask questions.
In that case, you need the longer plugs. I am a big believer that the OEM Nippon Denso U Groove plugs will not disappoint.

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