Which fuel tank fitting do I use???

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Jan 15, 2006
On my 72 stock tank there are 3 different places to put fuel line on. Which one do I use? There is one near the filler neck and 2 on the other corner.
thanks in advance!
Are you talking about the fuel line to the fuel pump?

If so, the pickup for a stock tank of that year, would come in on the drivers side, mid tank, and have a threaded fitting...do you know if this has a stock tank or ???
Yes, sorry, the line to the fuel pump. I don't think I have a threaded one, but I will check again. There are 3 barbed fittings coming out of the top side of the tank. What are they all for? I suppose there was a charcoal canister from the factory huh? The threaded thing is making me wonder....... i have a threaded fitting hanging under the car that I don't have anything to connect to.... I will have to look at the auxillary tank and the tank select valve and see what I have.
Thanks Poser! Yes, there was a threaded fitting on the side. I hooked it up and got my rig running for the first time just now! It runs really good. A little rich, but I'll get the Edelbrock tuned later on after I get the rest of the wiring done and get alll the body pieces back from paint.

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