Whic NailGun to buy?

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Feb 1, 2002
Which 8d-16d Nail Gun?
I need a nail gun for a framing ( diy) project and want a GOOD nail gun that will shoot 8d and 16 d nails.

I liek hitachi but yesterday my buddies jammed every other nail...

what doe sthe board suggest?

I have had a Bostich for years. I has handled the use and abuse very well. It hasn't let me down once. Check your local building codes to see which shank thickness and head size are allowed. That may reduce your options.

I used to do renos for a living so it got used regularly.
I've had a bostich for the last 5 years. Good gun no complaints. About a year ago I purchased a Paslode. It is lighter and no compressor needed. I haven't used the bostich since. The only drawback is that the paslode will go up to a 3-1/4" nail where the bostich can use a 3-1/2".
I own a cabinet buisness and have used and over abused about every nail/staple gun known to man and a bostic is pretty good bang for the buck. takes a good beating and very reliable. that is what i would buy.

Hitachi NR83A & NR92
If your friends Hitachi is jambing he is either using it to bang the nail in the board or he isn't hanging onto it tight enough. Hitachi's are production guns, don't try skipping it and you won't jamb it up. Solid hits until you get the feel for it then have at it.

I've used them all with the exception of the Max guns. I hear they are as good as the Hitachi, but if it isn't broke don't fix it.

Here's a quick reference site for ya too.
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