Wheel stud broke off.....

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Dec 8, 2013
North GA
What a pita to swap out a wheel stud on the 80! Good thing is I had it up on the rack and was able to take a peek at the PHH....looks like someone did some PM and swapped the hose out; and the hose looks to be in good shape. Knuckles seem to be in ok shape too.

So the most pressing issue right now is the puking oil pump seal/crank seal/ and a new radiator. Radiator seems fine but it also appears to be the original on my '93. Figured why not replace it while the rest is getting done.


If your radiator appears to be in good condition, and you can locate a reputable radiator shop, I'd suggest you have them open it up, chem clean it, rod it out, resolder, and pressure test it. I'm pleased I went that route, and it was $100 or $100 bucks.

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