What my 80 worth

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Aug 8, 2009
I may be upgrading to a newer 80!? So my question us what's my 94 worth
I live in mass. It's got 154xxx miles
New or serviced
Radiator and new hoses
A/c condenser
All belts
Cdl switch with 7 pin mod
All axles and diff with mobil1 new
Phh with gates green
Tranny flushed(3k ago)
New front calipers rotors and pads
New oem shocks
Front axle service by Landtank.
New rear rotor and caliper one side new pads other side.
New transfer case speedo pickup
Maybe new tires ( contemplating switching to new rig revo 265 70 16
I would say it is an almost excellent shape for it age . White with blue cloth interior. Some touch up paint from po
I bought it for 5 and put around another 3k into it.
I will get some interior ones later
No rust or body damage 7ish. Nice looking from this picture. MIke
No body damage, slight rust around 4 bolt holes on rear bumber and corner or rear bumper has a few scratches. Cleancarfax oh and this is a tad bit of rust showing at the top of the raid hatch. I could fix both no big deal
Don't think you will get 7k in this market, maybe
Most of the stuff you replace is all maintainence items and will only help your pricing a little bit.
People are selling 80's left and right
Yes I don't think it will increase price but if I go forward make a faster sale
Having done good maintainence will help sale
But I still dont think you will get 7k for it
I hope you do
All you can do is list it for what you think it is worth
Ask Landtank what he thinks
I am gonna ask him, just waiting to see if this other deal comes together more
Probably $6-7k. Looks like a nice rig. I had mine for sale for a while with the intent of picking up a locked 80, but after dealing with a couple of complete idiot potential buyers, I decided to keep it. Hopefully your sale goes much more smoothly.

Just install lockers on your '94. There is no way you are going to come out ahead unless you sell yours at a premium and a get a steal on this "newer" 80.

Despite having $8000 invested you don't have a 97 for sale. It's a 94, an early FZJ80 model. The 97 would be rationally priced at 8k. I've priced a lot of Cruisers in Southern and Northern California and that's about the best you could ask for and receive $5 k, especially from the craigslist shopper. >$4 Gasoline prices do have a decided effect on people's psyches. That's a big reason you see a lot for sale.
So your going to sell your 1994 (which some think is the best year of the 80 series) which you've baselined and spent sig money on, just to get an 80 with OEM lockers?

I agree with the guys that say just put in some ARB lockers in your 1994.
I was thinking about it. I found a really clean 97 lx450( I know not a cruiser) with 30,000 less miles. I just it depends what the final # on the Lexus ends up being. Thinking about it, actually buy the lx and swap the axles is another thought, I have been having.
You have your rig nice and baselined and ready to rock
Throw an aussie in the rear and call it good and go out and enjoy your rig
Lockers are not the end all to be all, they are nice but I would keep the truck
You know the truck well, Why would you want to start over again?
How much wheeln do you really do where you will need both lockers on a regular basis?
Or do you what to buy something with lockers just to say you have lockers.
The dollars different your LC & LX, should be enough for both lockers & other upgrades. Unless you want airbags.

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