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Mar 4, 2014
This box is under my dash on my 1971 FJ 40.
It's next to the signal flasher
I googled the part number and it came up as a speed marker. I went to some web sites they state the speed marker is in the speedo cable.
I'm lost with this thing and what it does. It's not on any wiring diagrams.
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Checked the fische. It is a speed marker relay, not the speed detector. I think they were combined in later years. So the detector must have a switch that controls this relay to illuminate a maintenance light (if it works the way the later speed markers/detectors did). If there is another purpose, I don't know it.

Is there some sort of EGR or maintenance light on that vintage truck? I don't know where it is exactly, but the fische indicates that there is an EGR light for that vintage. Just out of curiosity, is that a California truck (original destination)?
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My brother bought the truck new in NJ. So it's not a Cali truck.
There's no check engine light or EGR light. I guess the speed marker connects to the sensor in line with the speedo cable. There's not much on this stuff in the manuals I have.
Thanks for your reply

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