Wet DS floor fix

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Sep 5, 2005
Red Deer Alberta
There has been lot written and suggested fixes for the DS wet floor mats.
As has been said many times it's the sun roof drains. Having played with it for a few times. Blowing them out and pouring water down to see it come out the pinch seam vents on the rocker panel. It seemed like it was a seasonal thing after the leaf are off the trees and then spring comes with little rain, and always had a wet floor.

Think I found the problem this time. Used 1/4'' plastic brake air line as a snake to check for obstructions. Pushed it down the DS sunroof drain and it came to a stop after about 4 feet or so. Pulled it out and checked if it would have gone into the rock panel. No, it was too short needed about 5 feet to go right down. Decided to pull the drain hose and see of it was plugged at the bottom. Pulled the DS kick panel off and there are a couple of connector for the wiring loam. Pull those out of the hole and you can feel the drain hose behind them. Pulled the bottom part of the hose out and this what I found. see picture. The hose was crushed from the wiring connectors pushing on it.
Pulled the hose out from under the sunroof headliner. The drain hose is about 5 feet long. It is made of some sort of thermo -plastic. Used the heat gun to warm up the crushed zone so it was soft. The plastic hose has a memory so it returns to the original shape with a little careful heat. Decided to wrap the lower foot or so with couple of layers of electrical tape to support the round shape. Didn't put the tape on too tight so it wouldn't change to size of the hose
Then feed the hose back down the A pillar and guided at the bottom with fingers through the wiring loam hole and into the rocker panel.
Reattached the hose to the sunroof drain and gave it a try with some water. As fast as I could pour the quart or so of water, the drain handled the flow and came out the rocker panel pinch seam vent.
Buttoned up all the panels and called it good.
There are lots explanations on how to take the headliner and kick panel off so won't go into those details again.
So if you have a wet floor you haven't be able to fix, give this idea a look. When you put the kick panel back on be careful not push the wiring connectors to tightly back in the hole. There is lots of room behind the kick panel of the wiring to not crowd the passage way hole.
Hope this helps keep your floor dry.

Thanks jb
DS hose restiction 2.jpg
DS wet floor.jpg
DS deformed hose.jpg
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Sun roof drain hose

Couple more pictures.

Deformed hose removed from A pillar and hose after some gentle heat with a 1000 watt heat gun.

Thanks jb
DS deformed hose.jpg
Hose after heat.jpg
Another tool to use for cleaning drain lines - HEAVY trimmer line works just like a plumbing snake.
Thanks for the tip Kiwidog! I've been frustrated after numerous attempts and fails. Good find!
Does anyone know what this wiring harness is connected to? Mine was sopping wet!


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