Wet '97 Climate Control Computer Blues

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Oct 29, 2013
Baja, Mexico
OK, here we go.

I got my hands on a cheap 97 Anniversary Edition, I've been fixing little stuff successfully, until I came into the AC, turns out that the 97 Land Cruisers and 96 & 97 LX come with a extra computer that sits on top of the gas pedal, that gets wet when combined with the windshield leak, needless to say, my 97 was part of the wet AC Computer club, not wanting to shell out 400 for a used one, nor 700 for a new one in this particular point in time.

Tried cleaning the wet computer, the only thing that changed is that at least now the blower fan is not cycling low and hi continuously regardless of the buttons pressed; after cleaning it out, it just does nothing.

That leaves me with no AC/Heater, nothing works on the dash buttons expect the air direction (Face, Floor, Mix or Defrost); the fan buttons light up, the AC and Recirculation lights don't light up.

Its going to get very uncomfortable in a month or so when summer hits full on.

I downloaded the wiring diagrams and did some work yesterday; I could jump the following connections directly from the sockets that connect to the climate control computer.

1.- AC Clutch
2.- Fan Blower on Low speed only (Full Hot or Full Cold)
3.- Temperature Servo Motor
4.- Recirculating or Fresh Air

While jumping the fan blower, its still switched by the dash controls, if I press off, it will turn of, and if I press any of the rest of the buttons, it will just run in low.

The AC Clutch, it works when jumped, but its not switched by the dash controls.

I didn't continue yesterday, since my neck got really upset with all the twisting going on under the dash.

Any ideas how I can jump or overrode the computer all together? and have it switched by the dash controls? at the end, the computer socket should have all the inputs and outputs to control the AC... any ideas? or am I just walking in the wrong direction and should start saving for that damn climate control computer?


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