For Sale West TX: 100 Series Year 2000 Front and Rear Drive shafts, throttle body, Brake Assy, Front and Rear Control arms, Fan bracket (1 Viewer)

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Sep 9, 2016
Odessa/Midland TX
All items are removed from my 2000 LC. Has 248K miles: Open to offers.

Front Drive shaft still like new: No play at U or splines (Replaced with OEM new and felt identical to the new)

Rear Drive shaft: Rearmost U is shot, spines have a bit of a play (replaced with OEM new)

Throttle body: No issues at the time of removal (Replaced with OEM new)

Brake Assembly: No issues at the time of removal (Replaced with OEM new)

Front Control arms: Right side all good: Left side, has a worn LBJ.

Rear Control arms: No issues (replaced with OEM new)

Fan Bracket: Replaced at the timing belt job: OEM bracket in very good shape. No bearing play or Humm

Just taking up room. Let me know if anyone is interested in above: shoot me a PM with your offer.

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