Well I went and did it....

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Mar 9, 2006
Western NC
Went to Toyota today with the wife to look at a Tacoma Dbl Cab pickup. Did not have one near the price i wanted so when we left the dealership the small Used car lot just down the road had a nice Voodoo Blue FJ on the side of the road. Stopped in to look and a few hours later was driving it home. So now begins the fun Part..... Will get some picks up later. It was dark when we left and the one i grabbed was crappy.

Wow! Can't wait to see pics, but more importantly, can't wait to see it on the trails!
In Asheville i found three.
an 08 TRD Black 8000 miles for $27,000
an 07 Yellow with 32,000 miles for 21,000
or mine a 07 Blue with 14,000 miles for $20,000

I think i got a good deal. Mine has locker and trac control and not sure what other options. still looking.

yeah there is a black diamond down here..lift, big tires, aftermarket rims, bumpers, winch, electric sunroof, nav system and every option you can think of...never offroaded and in LIKE NEW shape for $23k. I met the guy at COSTCO and he uses it for his daily driver but his line of business he cant have a HIGH VISIBILITY vehicle that is easily recognizable...so he is selling it for something more plain and normal looking.

I has about $15k of upgrades on it so it is a STEAL!!!!
Yeah...I think he will go lower as he is looking to sell not necessarily make a big profit. I am going to take a guy down here to see it when the fella gets back from Israel ...maybe sometime next week.
I have a sweet spacer lift for the FJ that came off of my FJ if you want it..... It's over at blair's house, we were going to put it on his 4skinner, but it wouldn't fit too big plus his ome setup.
Yea he told me it was there. I have not decided on what i am doing. found a OME lift for it for 399 also. Going to take it on a couple of road trips in the next month before i do anything.

Even got to try out the 4lo and skid plates yesterday



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