Well I screwed up

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Mar 5, 2007
Hartselle Alabama
My Landcruiser tends to run a little warm, never overheats but you can't put anything in front of the grill or it would start to get too hot. Not sure you can tell in first picture but the radiator is clogged with crap accumulated over 260K miles. I searched on mud and found a lot of people had luck with a cheap radiator off of rockauto so I ordered one. I will never know if it was a good one or not as you can see in the second picture I broke the nipple off of it when the fan shroud hit it. To say I was pissed :mad: is an understatement:bang:. But there is a bright side! Keep in mind I just bought a snorkel, a Prinsu Roof Rack, a radiator and installed dual batteries so I have dropped some coins on the old girl in the last month. Wife walks in on the middle of my hissy fit looks at me calmly and says just order another one, but get a better one this time, one that isn't so easy to break did I marry a great woman or what :):):):):):):):). Kayo on the way.
That one was a TYC from rockauto, I wanted copper but had spent too much money to get it at the moment

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