Weber 38 DGAS

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Apr 16, 2007
This carb. is less than a year old, I bought it from Man-a-Fre, the engine falls flat on it's face or completely cuts out upon acceleration. Redline Weber Tech says that it need larger idol jets, here inlies the problem. When you remove the cover for the Accelerator pump, there is nothing there other than a spring, no place to put idol jets in. The carb. states clearly on the side of it, 38 DGAS, that what I ordered, although nothing in any of the diagrams I have found seem to match what I have. Where else could the idol jets be, I have all but torn this thing completely off of the vehicle(77 FJ40, 2F). Did Weber make a specific carb for this vehicle? Anything will help, I have fought this problem for over a year now. Thanks(Sorry for the length)

The idle jets are on the side of the carb, driver and passenger.

There are two brass screws that they are set into that thread into the sides of the carb body below the top cover, at about 11 o'clock when looking at the carb from the driver fender, and exactly the opposite side on the passenger side.
Any pictures of this, I can't seem to find a diagram showing me this. The diagram shows that they are located under the AP cap on the driver side, and the other being located directly across from it, as if you were to run a nail through there they would be in line.

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