Water Valve: where does the bottom hose attach?

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Apr 2, 2006
I am trying to get my engine back together after a HG fix and I feel like I'm in the home stretch.

I must have hit a tired spot cause I don't have notes or a picture of the water valve on the rear firewall.

The water valve has three attachments on the drivers side: two go into the firewall and one goes down into the engine behind the EGR pipe.

What does that bottom hose attach to? In the FSM it shows it as "Hose B" but it doesn't show what it attaches to.

anyone have a picture of that lower hose or what it attaches to? I can't find a hose or anything else I'm missing.

Help! :)

Maybe it's NOW I'm tired.

never mind. That "hose" doesn't hook to anything. It's plugged.

I'm retarded.

back to your normally scheduled fixes and mods :lol:
You must be one sleepy dude. Consider taking the evening off, because if you're that tired you may make a mistake that will cost you time or money.

uggh, that's a scary thought. it was dark down in there and it looked for all the world like there was a hose connection.

I just finished up correcting a minor snag. The machine shop put the brass nut with those two small hoses back in and didn't torque it all the way around so the two small hoses went towards the front and up to the to small hoses from the intake runner.

they were pointing straight back towards the firewall. It's *TOUGH* to get enough leverage to turn it that last 1/2 turn once that lower plenum is in place. Sheesh.

i finally got it but I'm missing most of the skin on the majority of my knuckles though.... :crybaby:

I'll tell you this Doug, I've heard more of you in my house over the last three weeks than my own wife! If you are ever in the central Utah (Spanish Fork/Provo) area and don't give me a call I'm going to be personally offended. I owe you a lunch or a beer or something. The DVD is awesome. I would not have even attempted this without it.

Ok I'm going to scrub the oil out of the gouges and go to bed. Cheers fellas. I think tomorrow I might get to start it.

I'm flushing the block through the upper radiator and out the side of the block *BEFORE* I start it, right?

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