WANTED - Warn 8274

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Dec 23, 2004
Beaverton, Oregon
I'm looking for a decent deal on a working 8274, preferably one that doesn't need a complete rebuild, but if the price is right, I might be interested in that too. Sick of dealing with the "I know what I've got" crowd on CL and FB trying to sell these for more than they were new in the 80s. Missed out on a few decent deals, but thought I would check here to see if anybody is looking to unload something for a little Christmas cash.

Could also trade for a really sweet fishing pontoon boat. Outcast PAC 1000 10-footer. Pretty much the top of the line single person fishing craft out there. New, they retail for $1800. Used, they go for about the price of a Warn 8274.

Let me know!

When did these things get so expensive? I remember they used to be $3-500. I thought they were still around that price 3-4 years ago. I know people who were taking the "big and heavy" Warns off to put on a Smittybilt. I have one on my shop floor that I am planning to put on my FJ55 when I get it up and running.
I just read my first few sentences and they really make me sound old!
Good luck with your search.
Yeah, it's a little ridiculous. $1000 for a dirty, old version that probably needs to be gone through is not uncommon. I passed on one for $1000 with a HFS bumper, and probably shouldn't have, but I got a weird vibe from the guy and didn't really want that bumper. I figured I'd be able to find something decent in the $5-600 range. Nope. Seems like there are a bunch of people out there gobbling up the cheaper ones and rebuilding them, and selling them for a mint. Bummer.

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