Vintage Air Installation?

Jul 28, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
For those of you who have done long did it take you and how hard did you think it was.
I have never done any AC work and would be working by their instructions.
What was the hardest part? did you have to move the radiator? did all the parts fit like explained?
I would appreciate feedback before I attempt such a thing.
Feb 22, 2005
Pflugerville, TX
I didn't think it was that bad at all. Myself and a buddy spent two days working on it. All and all everything went well, just take your time and don't rush things. The instructions are adequate, the only thing that caught me by surprise was that I had to have the two A/C hoses bead lock crimped when I had the system charged (added a bit to the expenses).

The hardest part was fitting everything back up under the dash, after alot of choice words everthing went up in there.

Good Luck.
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