Vin & engine serial # info

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Oct 29, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
I am wondering how easy it would be to trace production origination / vehicle destination of 40 style land cruisers(40, 42, 43, 45, 47..) through vin # and/or engine serial #. Are there any references or records arround that one could use to know where a vehical came from (exactly, ie. specific factory,etc) what the original equipment was that the vehical was speced, what region of the world that it was to be shipped and all that other good stuff. Already used the search and checked birfield. Any additional info would be helpful.
I have already checked out Posers thread on engine series #'s, thanks for the suggestion. I am looking for info on production and distribution on a global scale (including US & Canada).
Call Marv...... 818.882.1238

If he does not have/know where to find this info, then I doubt that anyone would.

For what it’s worth:

The two-cylinder club convinced John Deere back in the mid to late 90’s to release the information on all two-cylinder tractors that were ever produced. This included what dealership ordered them, when they shipped, how they were configured, etc. I know that they released information on, and the two-cylinder club had printed registries on the un-styled B and the un-styled G tractors. These are very interesting books to the collector. John Deere understands the following that these tractors have, and the fact that many are still being used today for tasks around the farm.

As far as Toyota is concerned, it has only become trendy in their eyes in the last five years or so to pay an ounce of attention to the cult following that their Land Cruiser series has around the world, and even that is in question. As a retro/throwback vehicle, drawing on the storied heritage we get a super-sized Rav 4, with a white top and a headlamp bezel. Hell, I have a make/model poster that Toyota produced a few years back that did not even acknowledge that a Land Cruiser was made before 1980. I have a hard time believing that the information you seek, is something that anyone in that company would even begin to grasp the novelty of.

I wish you good luck in your search!

Thanks and thanks... Steve I will post my engine series# as soon as I scrape some grease off my block.;) Thanks again for the posts...........

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