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Apr 8, 2016
Houston, TX
Interested in an LX570 but the dealer provided autocheck is weird. Does anyone have access to some other kind of VIN check to get the real story behind a vehicle?
I'm not sure I trust carfax either.
Call your insurance company they may have info. Call another Lexus dealer and see if they can run VIN search for work done by Lexus shops.
An insurance company being helpful?? Who knew?

From the AutoCheck it was leased in Colorado for a year with 10,000 miles, and then went to an auction, after another thousand miles had a tire/wheel service performed in Utah and then another 5000 miles and 6 months go by and it's been to two other auctions. Now its at the dealer. Just seems weird to me.
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you can add any vin as your vehicle to see it's service history.
Sadly, the insurance agent was useless, but the Lexus Drivers thing shed a lot more light. Thanks! Radman.

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