viair compressor ?

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Apr 14, 2006
Central Cali
Hi, i am considering a viair system for my cruiser, looked in facs and search here and the 40 section, also google it looking for some reviews. none,,, so my question is is anyone running a viair air compressor and are you happy with it ? was the install easy, just whatever info ya got ... i want a multi- use one to run my arb and fill tires etc .. im looking at the 400cc one part #10005..
i know alot like the power tank thing, however i would like a refillable system, also considered a york .. i think the viair will work, i just want some feedback ,,,

Thanks in advance ..:beer:
I have a Viair 450C run in to two, 3 gallon tanks under the bed in my truck and it works great. I got the 450C because it has good flow and is 100% duty rated so you can keep using it until you're done. With my tanks I have enough air volume to reseat a bead or run air tools. It's been in for about 4 years and is going strong through mud, water, sand and Canadian winters and it gets used a fair bit. I would say get one. I bought mine new off Ebay. ....Steve

I've got a York and a friend has a Viar; the York is MUCH faster and can run air tools.
I've seen a copy recently at costco. I'm not sure of the quality though, so anyone who has one could chime in here. It's like $50 or so, so it might be a cheaper alternative.

I've got a york myself, but I might pick one of those up for a backup or to put in my 4runner.

good luck
I have a Viair portable 400p model. I use it as a spare in my F250. Its a decent unit...but ONLY if you have time to spare:eek: . Expect an average of 15 -18 mins per tire if their over 38s.
The best 12v compressors, by far, are the Oasis compressors. Basically, a winch motor driving a York compressor. They are big and expensive though.

The next best thing is the Extreme Aire Magnum:
1.5 HP Motor
100% duty cycle at 150 psi
6 CFM at 0 psi
2.6 CFM at 100 psi
20 lb.

I have the Extreme Aire original, which is half as powerful, and it still out performs any Viair model. Fills my 35x13.50's from 4 - 32 psi in about 5 minutes per tire.

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