VHT Night-Shade

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Dec 4, 2007
hello all, i have been lurking around on here but just had a quick question on tail lights for the 80's particularly my 94, i saw this vht night shade light tinting thing (Google vht nightshade), looks like its a spray can application and looks like it can be done from the inside or the outside w/ a clear coat. I was just wondering if any one on here had used this or a similar counterpart, and i was also wondering if someone had pics of the tail light housing removed from the truck. Pretty much just wondering if it would be easy to spray from the inside of the light housing (inside out), as i don't think spraying the outside would look so hot :doh:. i think that blacked out tail lights would look sweet on my emerald green 94' and don't wanna drop $200 + shipping for the JDM's. so any insights into this would be greatly appreciated and i would love to see any pics if anyone has 'em!!


I wouldn't use this, but to each their own

i'm not sure how hard it would be to spray the inside
i would love to see any pics if anyone has 'em!!



Full JDM's with lightest tinted cover, not spray.
anyone else?

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