Venter Rotor - Longer wheel studs

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Jul 12, 2004
I am doing a disk brake conversion using mini truck parts and 1981 FJ40 vented rotors. Will the original wheel studs from the 1985 mini truck be long enough? How much should be sticking out? Thanks.
The face thickness of the Land Cruiser rotor and the mini rotor are comparable, iirc. You should not have an issue using the stock studs again with the Land Cruiser rotor on the mini hub.... however, if you were to go to a decent parts house (CarQuest, Napa, National Bushing, etc) they should have a Doorman wheel stud catalog, and you would be able to find longer ones by cross-referencing the length of the stud, and the knurling diameter, and find something that will work for you, if you really want longer studs.

Good luck!

John Smith said:
The studs will have plenty of length. If you want a longer stud if you are going to run 1/4inch spacers you can get Dorman part # part #610-265 which is longer than stock.


More for the FAQ!!


I don't necessarily want longer studs. I just don't want to press them in there and find out that I need longer ones after everything is on but the wheels. So, I guess I will install them and see how much sticks out. Thanks for the responses.

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