Valve Seating

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Dare me.
Mar 28, 2011
East Hampton, CT
I was recommended to come here regarding my valve seating because there might be more experienced engine folks here than in the 60 section. 87 FJ60.
Low compression in 2 & 5, 100 dry and wet. I had a shop check the head out, they dipped, pulled those valves, checked lapping. When I arrived to pick it up he’d not realized I wanted it magnafluxed because part of my concern was coolant loss. They dipped it while I waited ‘it’ll take 15 mins, can you wait?’ And then they magnafluxed. Is that even possible in 15-20 mins?
I got home and decided to run my own test w/ rubbing alcohol. I filled the ports and lightly tipped the head to see under and right away I found the intakes leaking in 1,2,5 and 6. Luckily 3 & 4 valves were dry.
Unfortunately the place I went to was a new shop to me. I thought a fresh set of eyes would be good. Backstory, two years ago I had the head rebuilt due to low compression in 2 & 5 of between 130/140, yeah I know, that was really not bad. They did, new valves, seals, cut fresh seats.
Recently I did the compression test and was alarmed when I found the same cylinders even lower than before the first rebuild. When I pulled the valve cover I found my rocker bolt heads yellow from a mix of oil and coolant, and a fair amount in the air cleaner housing.
I preformed a leakdown and got nearly across the board 15% on all.
Rock and a hard place. Go back to the first shop, they had said they warranty their work. Not trust anyone now and lap them myself?
And I’ve had someone else say 15% on a leakdown is indicative of cracked rings. I do have visible vertical scuffing inside the walls of #4.
I’m not loaded w/ cash. I don’t want to give up the truck. I’ve been way deeper than most on top of the fact I’m a female and I do all this on my own.
I’d appreciate some honest opinions, whether good, bad or snarky, let them rip.




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