Valve Chatter NO MORE!

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Apr 23, 2004
Central Florida
Hey dudes i replaced the oil in the 80 and started running 5W30 synthetic but that did not do the trick so last week before filling up the tank i dumped a small bottle of STP fuel injector cleaner and upgraded gas from 89 to 93. The valve chatter is completely gone.

Is this even possible?

But here is my down side. I now have the check engine light on. Could it be because she is now running rich??
Yup, I run Chevron or Shell and if I use 87/89 octane, I get chatter but when I put in 93 or premium, goes away 99%, clear as day. I bought my LC from a Toyota Dealership in Connecticut (cold weather) and now in South Florida (warm weather) perhaps the higher octane retards the spark/ignition just enough.
Yup, I'm in Fl and get the off idle pinging as well when I dont run 89. I have done the upgraded fan clutch, cleaned my MAF, put new O2 sensors in, new plugs in, serviced the distributor, a new filter, ran two bottles of the redline fuel system stuff... it just doesn't go away. I give up, I really don't think it is fixable.
I have the pinging also, Ive always run 87 octane years, with zero problems, I had the 401 code show eventually and fought it hard without just replacing parts, cleaned the throttle body, all the vsv and every other switch and check valve that can be found in the archives, got the code to disappear, but still shortly after the engine arrives at operating tempature the off idle ping returns. I personally think its an emmisions issue in addition to carbon buildup on the pistons and temperature, I also think there related. Why, because under a lot of towing stress the engine will overheat a little, which increases the ping. So now, is it a cooling issue, carbon buildup or emmisions, hmmmmm? Couldn't hurt to put in a brass radiator. of course my is old but would it fix it?? I did however find that I needed to replace the clutch fan with OEM, thermostat with OEM, flushed cooling system before that, cleaned fuel system with seafoam cleaner, all parts that could be disassembled plus any emmissions running it through the tank. Increasing the octane is an option, but to think the vehicle has ran so well over the years in the heat of summer pulling my boat on 87 leads me to believe there is another option, a real fix. thanks for any input.
I'm running Redline Diesel Water Wetter in an attempt to reduce my light-throttle pinging. Regular Water Wetter contains silicates, whereas the diesel is silicate-free like Toyota red coolant. It isn't past 90* here yet, so the jury is still out.

Higher octane did help reduce transitional pinging last summer.

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