Value of 71 model??

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Apr 9, 2007
Help! I have found what I hope is the proverbial "found it in a barn under a tarp" deal. It is an all original 1971 FJ40. I don't know if it will even start or what it needs as far as mechanical goes. It is covered with dust but doesn't show any rust. The interior is immaculate and has a winch on the front bumper. It hasn't been moved for quite some time and all of the tires are almost flat. It does have a little wear on it but there has been no cutting and no lift. Does anyone have any idea what something like his might be worth as it sits? I don't want to offer the guy too much and would like to get it as cheap as possible. Any thoughts?
78s are priceless too! But what is it worth????
I don't have any pics. I didn't want to look too anxious. I was just told about it by a guy that was looking at my 78 when I was getting gas the other day. He told me where "an old guy had one sitting in a shed behind his house" so I went for a drive today and just happened to find the house. And sure enough......there it was..... It is covered with dust..... I'm sure if it was washed it would look as good as the interior. Any ideas?? He told me to come back later this week and he would have time to talk with me about it.
I have a '70.

When I bought it about 6 months ago, it had some damage. Broken spring and shocks. It had (still has!) rust on the rear corners. But it was all original. Original factory paint. I even got most of the original tool kit. I found out that the original owner sold it to his nephew and I bought it from him. So I'm the third owner. I paid $750. It cost me about another $1250 to get it running. But I'm happy with it. Where I live, there aren't too awful many of these things come up for sale, so if I had to go a ways away to find one similar, it'd cost me to ship it. That's why I'm still feeling like I got a bargain.

The problem with trying to guess the value of the one you are scoping out is that you don't know what's wrong with it. Maybe nothing, maybe plenty.

Offer $500. Anything is worth that. If it is A-1, go a bit higher. If it has not been run in a while, you have some work to do before trying to turn the key.
Offer 1500 bucks and see if he bites, thats what I would do, he proable wants 5K so good luck, Larry

Hey Brew, I posted just a few seconds behind you! You're probaby right, he probably wants $5k!! LOL!! Like that one over here by Pioneer Park a few months ago!!
Thanks Brew and Rigger. Thats my problem..... I don't have a clue what might be wrong with it but at first glance it is really clean (except for the dust). I figured I would feel him out to see if he has a price in mind but thought about starting around $750 or $1000. I don't think he will want $5000 for it. He is about 70 years old and was busy on Easter Sunday and didn't have time to talk about. Thanks guys.....I'll let you know how it goes.....and maybe have some pics later!!!:)
at what point does this come into the category of taking advantage of unwary seniors... :p

j/k always jealous of a good deal!
Could be a pig in a poke. Never underestimate the cost of sourcing and installing a new engine, transmission, transfercase, complete brakes, dealing with a bad carb, tank full of turpentine, etc. Definitely a plus with low or no rust, but all these other things can hit an additional five grand pretty quick. He knows what's there, he knows what he'll want. Doubtful anything you can do or say will influence it much. Early trucks take considerable effort to make reliable daily drivers, especially in the brake area. Start and stay low.
Why offer anything first? Ask him what he'll take for you to clear it out of his shed for him. When he answers, seem shocked and tell him that you were thinking something very different. He may have no idea what it's worth or he may know exactly what it's worth.

When I was in high school, my friend was infatuated with old Land Rovers. One day we came across a 1965 Land Rover Series IIA in this man's barn. It was dusty, needed four new tires, but was all there including the factory soft top bows. This was in 1989, so even back then it was worth about $5K and the owner know it. He had gotten it when he was 17 years old. When he heard how much my buddy loved Rovers and wanted to clean it up and drive it, he sold it to him for $500. So you never know.

I just bought a 69 FJ40 for $1200. It ia all original as well, but maybe not in as good of condition. I would have paid anything under $2.5k. These things are pretty rare around my neck of the woods, Especially one you can drive home.

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