UTAH: Upcoming Events to Start-off Summer 2010

May 8, 2008

UTAH: Upcoming Events to Start-off Summer 2010

Greetings Utah BRC Action Alerts Subscriber!

The gang over at the Utah Trail Machine Association (UTMA) will be hosting their annual clean-up day at Five Mile Pass this Saturday, May 29, (Memorial Day weekend). It looks like Chad and Corby Booth from At Your Leisure (AYL) will be there to film the event. Details of the event are in their email, which I've pasted below.

We thought we would also remind everyone of the fliming at Swing Arm City:​


Swing Arm City Closed June 4 and 5 for Filming

A few weeks ago, BRC sent a Landuse Update regarding the temporary closure of the White Wash Sand Dunes for a large filming operation.

The same filming operation will be at the Swing Arm City / Cainville / Hanksville area on June 4 and 5, 2010. That means the BLM will temporarily restrict riding at Swing Arm City OHV area on those dates to accommodate the filming operation. Riders are being asked not to ride in the area immediately surrounding Swing Arm City. All other roads and trails in the area will remain open for visitor use. Other BLM OHV open areas within the Richfield Field Office, such as Glenwood and Aurora, will also remain open.

There is more information at the Wayne County's website.

Please take a couple of minutes to read over the information below and pass it along.

Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107

High Five schedule of events Hi Chad,

I was very excited when Paul Edmunds indicated you may be interested in filming some of our High Five this weekend. We are seeking to make High Five a premier volunteer project. We greatly appreciate the support you and AYL have given us in promoting the event. Last year we had about 100 volunteers and overfilled the dumpster provided by the BLM. We are hoping to do better this year.

High Five is a revival of the UTMA's annual clean-up day at Five Mile Pass, which has fallen into disuse in recent years due to changes in both BLM and UTMA leadership. We revived it in 2009 and intend to continue the tradition.

We will begin the day with Memorial Day Flag Ceremony by the BYU Air Force ROTC around 8:00AM when we open our sign up table. Here is the overall schedule:

8:00 AM Flag Ceremony (BYU Air Force ROTC)
9:00 AM -- 1:00 PM Work assignments (General trash clean up, fire pit maintenance)
1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM Free lunch courtesy of the DNR and hosted by Dale Bartholomew of Trail Patrol
2:00 PM -- 4:00 PM Raffle to reward participants
4:00 PM -- 6:00 PM Ride to the "Jeep In The Hole" at Sunshine Mine

Per my discussion with the leader of the ROTC unit, they will dress in their camouflage fatigues, rather than the dress blues they would normally wear for such ceremonies in more urban settings. Seemed to be fitting for the occasion and the location and would allow the cadets to avoid damage to their dress uniforms.

The raffle is not a fund raiser, just a way to reward participants. We hand out both raffle tickets to everyone who signs up. Then they turn in one as their ticket for lunch so we don't get a lot of "looky-loo free-loaders". The prizes are donated by local OHV dealers and distributors.

I expect US-All will be there. The Abandoned Mine Reclamation Project (AMR) will be there in the afternoon to provide mine safety information -- quite appropriate since there are quite a few abandoned mines in the Five Mile Pass and many other OHV areas. I will have Tread Lightly information at the sign up desk.

Lunch will be simple fare: hotdogs, chips, potato salad, beans and soft drinks

We have three goals for the project:

1. Successful volunteer clean-up project
2. Rider education
3. Family fun

I believe we met all three goals last year. We over filled the dumpster provided by the BLM and hauled 2 abandoned car chassis out to the road for subsequent pickup. Many participants availed themselves of rider information from USA-All and the AMR and of the Tread Lightly information at sign-up and talked with Chris Brimhall about the Ride To The Capitol. We had a LOT of family participation. About half the participants required parental permission slips (they were under 18). We had a least one family with three generations represented and some with kids so young they still had training wheels on their dirt bikes. At least one Boy Scout troop participated, allowing the boys to fulfill a merit badge requirement for public service.

We have two beautiful 3'x12' full-color High Five banners donated by Companion Systems. The background is an actual photograph of the Five Mile Pass area, courtesy of one of their employees. We have displayed these at OHV events and use them to mark our HQ at the event. The same image is used on posters and flyers distributed to OHV dealers.

Look forward to seeing you this weekend at Five Mile Pass. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your crew.

Lemont Southworth
President, Utah Trail Machine Association

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