URE Rock Race Event, May '08

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Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC

Might enter personally, would like a good spotter (anyone think they got the guts?), but can't decide between Modified Stock or Modified. I kinda lived at those trails last summer, but this event is 2 days after the semester ends and I'm not sure my rig would be in competition shape.

I also don't know how wise it would be to attempt w/o atleast a front bumper; and gears, chromo, Longs, and a front locker would make me feel a little more comfortable about going into the modified class. Anyone got about $3k they want to loan me till I graduate...haha...or atleast a spare 80 birf and 54mm socket so when I break I can fix it?
Logan I plan to catch this event if I don't have to work but I would at best only be able to be there for Sat and Sun.
I don't think there's going to be any spotting though. This is a RACE. They are also bringing in extra rock for obstacles.
I'll ride with you though, be fun to see the race from the inside.
If I can't get a co-pilot then I'll happily have you ride shotgun. I'm thinking it's gonna be real crazy for the guys who dont know the place, but I'm afraid some of these guys might actually know the trails better than me. I just need to get a lot of seat time in this next weekend and get a feel for the trails on 35s again, then start tweaking.
You still up for this? I think I am going to go to this event, if anything just to check out Eskimo's rig. Should be a nice event. Do you know if they will still have some trails open to ride outside of the event?

Waiting on a call back from a friend in the forest services for an answer on if there are open trails or not, but I think the answer is gonna be no. I'm still wanting to compete, but trying to get some things fixed/upgraded before I commit and drop the cash for entrance. And I need some more time on the trails and would like to know the routes to practice some and see what it's like with the big 80 body.

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