UPHILL engine bog.....

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Mar 28, 2010
Well the search function has been my friend for the last month that I've been owning my 96 lc:D. But maybe found a problem that hasn't been seen on this site. (Maybe I'm searching for the wrong words) Yet here I am....

Well so far all WAS well with the LC. I've done the front axle rebuild, changed all the fluid (tranny/transfer/diffs/engine), lubed the driveshafts, changed out the air tube from the air filter to the TB, done a tune up (everything from PVC/pvc hoses/plugs/distributor/rotor) Haven't done the spark plug wires/fuel filter/fuel sock, which are all on my "to do list" as well as figuring out which LIFT to go with, but the SEARCH is a great mentor!:D

Okay enough about what has been done to the LC. My problem just started yesterday. Never really punched the gas (as I drive with a 1lbs foot because of the price of gas and the type of MPG the LC gets:censor:), but had to go up a steep hill while in first gear. And while I was punching it the engine would hesitate/shudder at 2k then at 3k, then fine all the way up to 5k. :eek:

I did it again, punched it while on a flat road...... No hesitation

I punched it again downhill.... No hesitation

Only happens going up a steep hill on first gear. All the other gears like second/third/fourth seem fine.

Also when i just try to granny up the hill with First gear (in drive) it would shift to second gear at 2-2.5K RPM, power mode would go up to 2.75k RPM. Is that normal? (The hills around my area can get up to 7*-15*, pretty steep stuff!)

So I'm wondering what can it be? Would it be some bad gas that I had to buy at "EL CHEAPO's"? I normaly buy Cheveron/Shell.

Would the tranny have a problem? Maybe Solenoids? Maybe new tranny filter w/a tranny flush?

Fuel sock? Fuel filter? Spark Plug Wires? Distributor advance to 7*?

Anyone ever have this problem before?

This could save me hundereds of dollars that can go to my 3.5in OME "J" lift/procomp special.:bounce::bounce2:

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