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May 8, 2008

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Date: 05/24/2010

New Expanded Hours for Launching Vessels Announced

Mandatory PWC and Boat Inspection for Zebra Mussel Prevention Continues
Castle Rock Cut Remains Open to Start This Season

Attention PWC and Boat Enthusiasts!

With the 2010 Boating Season just around the corner, it is time for an update on Lake Powell issues that will affect boaters. First, in a recent news release from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, also known as Lake Powell, it was announced that effective May 2, new expanded hours for launching vessels at Lake Powell will be in place. I have included a link here to that Park Service news release: http://www.sharetrails.org/uploads/10-10-Expanded-Ramp-Hours.pdf

In addition, I just talked with Scott Sticha, Park Service Public Information Officer for Lake Powell. He informed me of two important issues. First, please review the mandatory inspection for Zebra Mussel Prevention. These requirements are explained in detail for all PWC, and other boaters at the Park Service website which is linked at the end of this article. Note: These requirements are in effect now and continue during the main boating season of 2010. Please note that as of the 2009 season no longer will self-certification of vessels being free of Zebra Mussels be an option at all major launch ramps. All screening for the invasive mussels will be MANDATORY for all vessels and be conducted by trained personnel.

And the final bit of good news for Lake Powell boaters, the Castle Rock Cut has remained open since last May 2009 and is still open.

How long it will remain open is a function of the Lake's level and could change as the season progresses. Please note, Castle Rock Cut is important because it is a popular short-cut route on Lake Powell that allows all boaters, including PWCers, to conveniently travel between the Wahweap Marina and other destinations up lake. Traveling through the Castle Rock Cut, when operational, saves about 12 miles of travel and more than one hour's transit time to locations up lake.

A final note for additional information on Lake Powell and the requirement for mandatory inspection for Zebra Mussel: please go to the Park Service Lake Powell website of www.nps.gov/glca or phone 928-608-
6259 during normal business hours.

In closing, have a great boating experience at Lake Powell this season and continue to check the BlueRibbon website under Latest BRC News, view all type of news, Personal Watercraft News for additional update
on 2010 boating season.


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