Uneven brake wear

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Nov 1, 2014
Wherever the money is!
started hearing a noise today from the brakes so I pulled the wheels to have a look. Drivers rear pads were down to metal and the other 3 looked just fine. Any ideas why the wear would be so uneven?

I've only had the rig about 6 months so I'm not sure of any previous problems or anything

Check to see if caliper slides are stuck. Clean and lube with anti seize if they are. This should be done on all calipers as part of the brake job anyway
Also check for cracking, soft, or bubbled brake lines. They're cheap to replace but can destroy brake components and compromise your brakes effectiveness by obstructing flow and causing calipers to have a slow pressure release causing excessive heat.
Didn't have a chance to dig into it yesterday but the Pistons seemed to slide in/out pretty smooth when I put the pads in.

It's -40 out today so I won't be working on it for a day or two.

All the guys on here seem to know more than the toyota dealership in town so thanks for the help
Check for frozen pistons not coming out/stuck on the other side then-not working to wear the pads. Usually it's gradual sticking so that the pressure is enough to push them out enough to drag but not returning on their own. The rotor will be rusty is not working. It's possible PO repaired only one.

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