tune up parts for 96 3.4 runner

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Jan 22, 2009
Knoxville, Tn.
I cant believe it but my 4runner has the original wires...they say 1996 on them with 156k miles....it still runs good....now I think I will replace them....so what all is needed on this year 4runner when doing a tune up? I now wires and plugs...what else? thanks garth
I recommend a call to Cruiser Dan 800-432-6668 he is one of the support vendors of the site, be sure to mention you are from ih8mud.com - he can get you all you need and nothing you dont.
I have the same deal with my wifes 97 4runner, 150K on the clock

I am in the process right now of doing the following as All of this stuff was original as best I can tell.

Yes, I was a bit lax in the maintainence of this...

Timing belt. New water pump and Tstat, New coolant, Drained all of the diff fluids, front rear and T case.
New Belts, New Hoses,
Castrol high Mileage ATF Fluid.

Bypassed the original Trans fluid cooler on the bottom of the radiator and went with an aftermarket cooler. and new hoses.

I have read on other boards where the radiator develops leaks into the trans cooler and the result is a strawberry milkshake in your transmission.... Mine was fine but I did not want to risk it.

New Plugs, I kept the original wires. since there was no issue. The wires are a bit spendy if I recall since there is no distributor. they are not like standard spark plug wires.

New Airfilter.

I think I am into it for around 350$ or so, and I am doing all the labor.

Here some reference material I have picked up along the way.

IPT Performance Transmissions Torque Converters and Transmission Parts for Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Import vehicles
Transmission Cooler Install on a Toyota 4Runner
yea I was going to call him when I placed the order....I was just told that all I need is spark plugs...that the wires last forever.....
Hey ZET....what brand tranny cooler did you buy? also the install looked easy with the bumper off....but mine is still on so what did ya do????
I went with the long true cool 22,000 GVW. I liked this one over the others as it advertised as having a built in low pressure drop. It does get cold here in Michigan, so I did not want to have an overcooled trans in the winter. The unit has a built in bypass until the trans temp warms up. I read probably 10 or so write ups on this particular cooler and all of them were pretty good as far as the product was concerned. I have not installed it yet so I cant report back as to any particular difficulties. I plan on putting it in front of the AC cooler just behind the plastic grill.

as far as the install I have not and will not remove the front bumper. Since I am doing the timing belt at the same time. I already have the fan and shroud off, the skid plates are off. and I removed the radiator completely. Since all that stuff is out of the way I was able to remove both of the stock hoses from the metal lines way back on the passenger side. Now I dont have to splice anything in. Again I didnt want 4 extra hose clamps and 4 extra spots where fluid could leak from. I used some of the stock hose and cut it to size after I drained all of the ATF out of the radiator bottom and "capped" it off. So even if down the road the radiator takes a dump into the trans cooler portion it cannot get into the transmission.

The cooler and my timing belt showed up today via UPS. I will try to get everything buttoned up tonight and if I remember I will take some pics.
The wires should be fine. One side is wires and the other side is coil packs. Very spendy and does not fail too often. If it's running well, I would just leave it alone. Change the plugs, though (only with the dual-prong OEM ones).
Clean the throttle plate and run a good EFI cleaner. My favorite cleaner is the toyota brand, pn 00289-EFI00? I'll have to look but I think that is the part number. I could really tell a difference in performance and even the way the engine sounded. It cleans the injectors and valves, also it has a warning about leaving the cleaner in the tank for more than a week.:D Not all dealerships carry the EFI cleaner, American and Karl Malone do not but the dealership here in Fairmont WV does. Just depends on contracts and what service dept. uses. Second choice would be Berryman's B-12 chemtool, I'm not a fan of STP and other similar cleaners.

Cleaning the throttle plate will help with throttle response. Toyota TP cleaner is pn 00289-1TP00-01. It doesn't take much just enough to clean the gunk off, one can should last several cleanings.
Well...i just installed my tranny cooler today.....I used a Hayden transaver plus part # OC-1679 its 11" X11 5/8" X 3/4" thick...fit just barely....in fact I would suggest getting one size smaller...just to be safe....I also found out the the return outlet from the radiator is NOT on the passenger side....dont ask me how I know!:doh: also my tranny fluid looked a lot like engine oil....for a second I thought I drained the wrong pan....NOT GOOD!!!!

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