Trying to match a powder coat color

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Mar 1, 2015
Oroville, CA
Just scored 4 powder coated steelies (17”) and on the hunt for a 5th, I will need to match the color though. I’m guessing there aren’t that many light grays out there. Seems to me this was done atleast 5 years ago.

Anybody know this color? Or even the PO, came from an 80 owner in Bay Area/NorCal (before the 60 owner I got it from @Taylorious)

Same color, different light:
Hey buddy! The original owner, if I recall, is on here too.
North bay resident, former Airforce...

"F22Raptor" or something like that... Name eludes me. Had a linex'd 80' for a while.
Hey man! Thanks again for the wheels super stoked. can’t wait to throw them on. I’ll do some diggin, that helps. Cheers

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