Trying to complete 3FE rebuild

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Apr 13, 2016
Deerfield Beach
Hey TLC Lovers, HELP!
I have a 1992 TLC and have pulled the 3FE to rebuild. My machine shop decided to throw away my lifters stating that you should always use new lifters. I have since ordered lifters from Toyota $$$ only to find they do not fit the block. VIN says I should use Toyota Part Number 13751 or 13755(.05 over) and neither fit the bore. They are too large. The dealership I ordered from is baffled. I measured the bore and the lifter diameter and there is a measured difference. My block ID is 3F0351282.
Any information, direction, or support would be greatly appreciated. The boss is extremely tired or my fun truck in her Lexus spot and things are heating up.

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